Well done!

Your result suggests you do not currently have any signs of adrenal fatigue.

You must be doing a lot right and have good capacity to deal with stress. If you have any other health concerns you would like to explore and improve to ensure you maintain you current level of good health, then come and see us at Balm Natural Health. Phone 0414 957 555 or email balmnaturalhealth@gmail.com

This questionnaire is a small snapshot from a much larger and more comprehensive questionnaire of 87 questions. If you only answered a couple of questions from the quiz with a number other than 0, but those scores were 3’s, then there may still be an underlying problem which may over time advance into a more substantial health concern or eventually lead to a state of adrenal fatigue. If you are interested in taking the complete questionnaire and having a full assessment of your symptoms to assess where your fatigue or other health concerns may be coming from, please contact Balm Natural Health for an appointment on 0414 957 555 or balmnaturalhealth@gmail.com