Your result suggests that you may be suffering moderate adrenal fatigue.

It sounds like your reserves may have been somewhat depleted recently due to stress and/or illness as well as a diet and lifestyle which is potentially not supporting you as adequately as it could. You are probably beginning to experiencing problems such as bouts of insomnia, periods of anxiety or depression, recurrent colds, flus or infections, struggling with motivation, on your way to blood sugar regulation problems and potentially diabetes, and may be experiencing hormonal imbalances or digestive upsets. If not, you may find these begin to occur more often if you don’t make some changes to either reduce your stress or replenish your overtaxed adrenals. There is much that can be done to turn these factors around and prevent you spiralling down into severe adrenal exhaustion. Balm Natural Health has the solutions to all of these problems and would love to help turn your adrenal fatigue around and help you back onto the path of energy, strength, motivation and vibrant health. Please phone 0414 957 555 or email to make your appointment today.

This questionnaire is a small snapshot from a much larger and more comprehensive questionnaire of 87 questions. Balm Natural Health offers the full test for a comprehensive result regarding your level of adrenal fatigue and can then target a treatment plan specifically for you to address your sources of stress, support the body systems most affected and assist any other health concerns which may be contributing to your body burden and fatiguing your adrenals. Please contact Balm Natural Health for an appointment on 0414 957 555 or