Not bad!

Your result suggests that you may be suffering mild adrenal fatigue.

It sounds like you are doing a lot right and have a reasonably good capacity to deal with stress. Maybe think about those questions you scored high on and think of ways you can work towards reducing your result for these questions. This might involve things like taking a yoga class once a week to reduce stress and relieve tense muscles, getting to bed earlier or cutting down on system exhausting stimulants such as coffee or alcohol. If you would like further advice on relieving your fatigue or have any other health concerns you would like to explore and improve to ensure you mild adrenal fatigue does not advance, then come and see us at Balm Natural Health. Phone 0414 957 555 or email

This questionnaire is a small snapshot from a much larger and more comprehensive questionnaire of 87 questions. Those questions answered with 2s and 3s can give a good indication as to what processes are occurring in your body and where treatment needs to be targeted to halt any progression into adrenal fatigue. If you are interested in taking the complete questionnaire and having a full assessment of your symptoms to assess where your fatigue or other health concerns may be coming from, please contact Balm Natural Health for an appointment on 0414 957 555 or