Gene testing?

Exciting new developments in technology and medicine allows me to now offer genetic DNA testing. It’s a simple cheek swab test that only ever needs to be done once because you genes don’t change (they just get expressed to different degrees).

lab experiement

The test looks at some of the major genes determining your efficiency at absorbing and utilising nutrients (nutrigenomics), mood and cognition, hormones, fertility, as well as detoxification and methylation. The test shows the genes in which you have a single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) which can affect the way that gene functions. These gene SNPs can affect your level of risk and susceptibility to various lifestyle disorders and diseases.

There is a strong relationship between these genes, nutrition and lifestyle, meaning the expression of these gene SNPs can be manipulated by what you eat and what you do. This then turns these genes on, off, up or down, which either increases or decreases your level of risk.

Your genes are not necessarily your destiny